Read Before Entering The Radio Chatroom.

1. Our chatroom was designed for our listeners to come in and hang out with the DJ on air while listening to the music so please keep that in mind while visiting, please do not come in with the sole intent of picking up someone

.2. When making a chat name make sure not to be offensive or vulgar. Also if you are not a DJ with us please do not come in with DJ next to your name. That is reserved only for our Escape Radio DJs.

3. Avatars should not be overly sexual in meaning NO NUDES or vulgar pictures or you will be asked to change it.

4. Conversations must be civil and respectful to our listeners and DJs. This means no fighting or arguing with ANYONE in our chatroom.

5. No talk of politics of any kind!  Everyone has their own views on this topic and this is not the place to discuss them. Do it out of the chatroom, please.

6. No offensive or abusive talk about Race, Religion, or Sexual orientation EVERYONE is welcome here.  We have enough bad going on in the world that this should be a safe fun place for ALL to hang out and listen to the tunes.

7. No putting down music that is being played. Our DJs put in a lot of time preparing shows for our listeners so keep comments positive. If there is a song that comes on that you do not like turn it down or get up and get a drink but never say anything about a song you do not like in open chat.

8. Please no spamming (unless authorized by an owner here)  or harassing people in our chat to play in a league tourney.  We have many league sponsors that are associated with Escape.  This is why we play your ads on the radio. If you do not have an ad and are an active league let an owner know. Also, no talking about other radio stations in our station chat.

9. Escape Radio tries to stay family-friendly before 9 pm, therefore, conversations before that time should also reflect that. After 9 pm the conversations might be a little more adult-oriented so be aware of that before letting your little ones come in our chat.

10. Please let's not take up the whole chatroom with talk about smoking, drinking, sex and so on let's keep the conversations light.
The most important rule is to keep things fun and light in the chat.

Let’s have fun but be respectful of
EVERYONE! Escape Radio reserves the right to ban anyone who disrupts the flow or feel of what this chatroom was designed for.  Anyone who goes against these rules will be warned 
and could end up banned temporarily or banned permanently.